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If you are facing drug charges, it is crucial to consult with a skilled NYC drug crime attorney as soon as possible. The state takes drug crimes seriously and often prosecutes to the fullest extent of the law. With the risk of hefty fines and long-term imprisonment, as well as a range of other penalties, you can’t afford to just enter a guilty plea.

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Types of Drug Offenses in New York

When you need an experienced drug crime lawyer in New York City, look no further than Kenneth E. Belkin, Esq. Attorney Ken Belkin has represented numerous clients and has a proven record of successful results handling all types of drug charges such as:

  • Possession of narcotics
  • Sale and distribution of drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Manufacture and cultivation of drugs
  • Drug conspiracy

What are New York’s Drug Schedules?

New York, like all other states, regulates and controls the possession of controlled dangerous substances (CDS). These substances, which include both illegal drugs and prescription medications, are divided into five “schedules,” or categories.

These schedules are:

  • Schedule I: considered to be the most dangerous and have the highest likelihood of abuse and addiction, as well as no recognized medical value
  • Schedule II to Schedule V: considered less dangerous than schedule I and have less potential of abuse and an increase in recognized medical value

What are the Penalties for Drug Crimes in New York?

The sentence for a drug conviction in New York depends on the nature of the crime and the type and amount of drugs involved. Generally, those charged with drug possession will incur less severe penalties than those who sell or distribute large quantities of the same drug.

The penalties for drug possession in New York include:

  • Violation – up to a $100 fine for a first offense, $200 for a second offense, and $250 or 15 days in jail for a third conviction
  • Class B misdemeanor – up to three months in jail and a maximum fine of $500
  • Class A misdemeanor – up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000
  • Class E felony – up to four years in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000
  • Class D felony – up to seven years in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000
  • Class C felony – up to 15 years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000
  • Class B felony – up to 25 years in prison and a maximum fine of $30,000
  • Class A-II felony – potential life imprisonment and a maximum fine of $50,000
  • Class A-I felony – potential life imprisonment and a maximum fine of $100,000

New York Drug Treatment Court

If you have a substance abuse problem and are arrested for drug possession, you may be charged with a Class B, C, D, or E felony, you may be eligible for an alternative sentencing program. Those who successfully complete the drug treatment program may have the opportunity to get their charges reduced or even dismissed.

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