What’s not nice to say about Ken Belkin. He is a lawyer that will go above and beyond for his clients. His relentless advocacy for his clients’ rights is next to none. Ken and his teams' commitment to my case resulted in an outcome that was much better than expected. His vigilance in negotiating offers with the DA’s office, resulted in charges eventually being thrown out. I believe his due diligence and knowledge of the law was underestimated by the ADA’s office resulting in this better than expected outcome. If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney who will fight for your best interest LOOK NO FURTHER. An experienced and passionate lawyer like Ken can give you, in what could be a life altering event, the defense and best outcome that can be expected.

    - Chris

    RELENTLESS. UNDAUNTED. FOCUSED and UNWAIVERING - Tailored, for and to the case that found my son facing multiple alleged offenses that could have resulted in a hefty sentence. Mr. Kenneth Belkin strategized his agenda with us and what his end game would be. True to his professionalism, vigilance and personal contact whenever there were offers made by the ADA, this case as much as disappeared (at least on record) . Mr. Kenneth Belkin, esq. (Who likes to be addressed as Ken), comes highly recommended by this retired nyc law enforcement officer.

    - Sheila

  • Please for your sake hire him!
    Hello everyone, I'd like to take this time out and explain the compassion and focus I experience with Mr. Belkin. I had a very serious charge against me, with impossible odds. In a jurisdiction know for being hard on " a typical" type of alleged crime. I was facing 15 years or better. Though the package and relentless conversations with the DA. He was able to achieve a disposition that only a magician could've pulled off. I spoke to a dozen attorneys and they couldn't see the road we traveled. I believe that Kenneth positioned us, yes the team (including his staff), to be successful and I am enjoying the fruits of his labor. My wife, kids and friends continue to thank him. If you need someone to give his all and commit to your case. Please for your sake engage him and you will be the next person writing this testimony.

    - Richmond

  • Highly recommend!
    Ken is a extremely versatile attorney based in NYC. He has helped me with everything from securing a liquor license for my restaurant to fighting the MTA in a eminent domain battle. He always comes out on top and fights for his clients! Highly recommend!

    - Gary

  • They have great reviews because they get great results.
    It took me a few days to write this review as I wanted to formulate my thoughts to give Ken the Praise he deserves. They have great reviews because they get great results. I found myself facing a DWI misdemeanor which would mean termination from my employment and a snowball affect that would be very catastrophic. To make a very long story short it would have ruined my life. I would have been jobless and homeless. My situation was bad because it was my 2nd DWI. Although the first one was one month short of 10 years It was still a repeated offense when I refused a chemical test this time around. Ken was able to get the DMV hearing dismissed, which would have revoked my license for a year. Ken also spent A few months pleading with the DA for leniency which we were able to obtain after a Proffer. Ken was able to secure a violation instead of a misdemeanor. Still came with some stipulation but no criminal record. My situation may be different from yours but what will stay consistent is the fight you will get by hiring Kenneth Belkin.

    - Gabe

  • I would highly recommend to anyone.
    He worked with me to get the best possible outcome with my case and was able to keep me calm while doing so. It's no exaggeration to say he saved my life and I would highly recommend to anyone.

    - Tom

  • Thank God for this man.
    Thank God for this man. I don’t know what kind of magic Ken used but he got me the best possible outcome in record time and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He has the smarts and resourcefulness to handle any case as his intellectual intelligence is unparalleled, as is his emotional intelligence. I always felt like my case was his top priority and he was able to put me and my family at ease during one of the most stressful experiences of my life. My entire family and children are forever grateful to Ken. If you find yourself needing a criminal defense lawyer, you will not regret hiring Ken and I recommend him without hesitation.

    - Anonymous

  • I am extremely grateful for Mr. Belkin!
    Mr. Belkin's unwavering dedication and exceptional finesse helped us in prevailing in our child custody and guardianship matter. Mr. Belkin guided us through every step of the process and was relentless in protecting our family's interests. Not only was he able to flawlessly triumph on our high stakes case, he is one of the most caring and compassionate individuals I have ever worked with. I am extremely grateful to what Mr. Belkin was able to accomplish for us, and would recommend him to anyone looking for an top-tier attorney.

    - Irene

  • Ken was a fantastic lawyer. He treated me like an equal and always made me feel like my concerns were valid.
    Complete protection. Ken was a fantastic lawyer. He treated me like an equal and always made me feel like my concerns were valid. He protected my interests and explained all my options. I felt fully represented and comfortable in the courtroom and I’m completely satisfied with the outcome of my case. His consultant Peter Smith is also a fantastic lawyer.

    - Anonymous

  • Simply Amazing! He was there by my side through the worst time and situation in my life.
    Ken aka Courtroom Superman.... I met Ken accidentally while out to lunch, and wow the universe/God works in mysterious ways. He was a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Unfortunately my spouse and I had a little/huge misunderstanding with law enforcement, leading to me being in a terrifying situation. I was on the verge to loose everything but thanks to Ken, my life is back to normal. Ken did what other attorneys said was impossible, and at a better price. He was friendly, enthusiastic, professional and most importantly was confident he would obtain the best result possible. He was there by my side through the worst time and situation in my life. I am highly pleased with the outcome and am leading a normal happy life once again. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Kennith Belkin!!!! 30 stars

    - D.A.

  • Mr. Belkin made me feel like he was concerned about my well being and guided me through the whole process.
    Mr. Belkin made me feel like he was concerned about my well being and guided me through the whole process. He never made me feel like I was bothering him no matter what time I reached out to him. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney. thank you for your services.

    - Dale

  • I never once felt that he was ignoring me or was putting me on the back burner.
    Kenneth was very kind and compassionate and understanding. I felt safe and heard and like I was in very good hands. He tirelessly worked as a liaison and detective always keeping me informed of every little communication and update that he had uncovered. My case was not even in his true wheelhouse but he educated himself and got the job done in a timely and painless way. I never once felt that he was ignoring me or was putting me on the back burner. I have given his number to several of my coll way and will continue to do so.

    - Dove

  • Ken Was A God Send
    After a trying experience, Ken and his colleague Peter Smith came to our aid. I can not say enough wonderful things about them. Kind, courteous, and professional; Ken was able to help us in our hour of need. Services were completed in a timely manner, and we were advised every step of the way. If you need a great lawyer, Ken is your guy.

    - Mike