Does Domestic Violence Increase Over the Winter Holidays?

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Many different things can cause couples to argue. While some handle issues by ignoring each other or leaving the premises, others have more combative ways of dealing with problems. Unfortunately, this can lead some individuals to be arrested for domestic violence. While the winter holidays promote positive emotions, you may be surprised to learn that many areas report increased reports of domestic violence at this time of year. Why might this be? Kenneth E. Belkin, Esq. explains.

Holiday Stressors

Holiday-related stressors are likely the number one cause of increased domestic violence over the winter. Many people feel stress surrounding the financial requirements of the holiday season, time obligations, organization, and more. In some cases, the overwhelming nature of the holiday season may lead to an outburst. If individuals do not handle stress well, their negativity may be misdirected toward their loved ones and thus, lead to a domestic dispute.


Alcohol is free-flowing over the holidays; this can be a problem for some people. Some individuals become more impulsive and irritable when under the influence of alcohol. If an issue arises while one or both parties are impaired, the situation can quickly escalate and lead to the police being called.

Time Indoors

During the cold winter months, more people spend time at home and indoors. This means couples and family members tend to spend more time in close quarters. This is not always a good thing, as this gives more time for conflicts to arise or brew. It is always important to have some alone time. If tensions rise, find a way to step out and go somewhere else.

Domestic Violence Defense in NYC

Many people are charged with domestic violence after a rare outburst or a third-party calls the police without knowing the context of the situation. At Kenneth E. Belkin, Esq., we understand the severe consequences of being labeled as a domestic abuser and we want to help protect you. If you have recently been accused of violence against a family member, romantic partner, or have been served a restraining order, contact our defense attorneys.

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